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About Prissington Shelties

Shetland sheepdogs or "Shelties" are known for their loyalty, gentle and sweet personality. Their size makes them perfect for a family with older members. Our Shelties are well socialized both with other people and other dogs. With regular play sessions and introductions to a variety of environments we try to give our Shelties the best possibility to obtain relisance to the Queensland area.

Shelties are easily trained and love to talk! Our Dam, Rosie, is well known for her singing and it seems some of her offspring share this magnificent talent. You'll always feel welcomed when your best friend sings an angelic song to welcome you home. Shelties are a great exercise pal! Our three shelties, Rosie, Maki, and Pollie, love to join us in the gym, even if they aren't the most helpful.

What do Prissington Shelties Offer

  • Prissington Shelties come from well-known and respected breeding lines and kennels
  • Many of the pedigree are Champions, Grand Champions and Supreme Champions
  • Dams and sires have been DNA profiled fully
  • The dams are under careful veterinary monitoring
Maki chasing a ball
Rosi as a puppy in the garden
  • Whelping is supervised and assisted if necessary
  • Puppies are cared for around the clock in the first two weeks of life
  • Worming of both the dam and puppies follows the required schedule
  • Puppies are kept safe and warm in a protected whelping box
  • Secured outside play on grass is introduced at 3-4 weeks
  • Puppies are socialised with children and other adults for handling purposes
  • Puppies are fully weaned before 8 weeks of age
  • Vaccinations are scheduled according to the vet
Pipper under a chair
  • Ophthalmic exams are conducted and certified
  • Puppies are health-checked by a veterinarian
  • Puppies are micro-chipped at 7-8 weeks
  • All puppies are registered with the Australian National Kennel Council

We Love Shelties

Meet your future love

We welcome potential forever families to come and meet our puppies or dogs. No matter your circumstances we will aim to be accomodating so you can participate in our puppy viewings.

New to Pet Ownership?

No worries! We can provide you with all the best tips and tricks that we have for caring for your puppy in the Australian climate. It's a big world out there and it's important to know how to keep your puppy safe and what to do when something goes wrong.

Interested in keeping in touch?

We encourage all of our Prissington families to attend our bi-annual puppy reunions. The puppies sure do love it and it's a great chance to stay connected as a sheltie loving community.

Want to know more about Shelties?

Give us a call and visit our lovely shelties so you can get to know the breed. We sure love the breed and our dogs love meeting people!

Adoption Process

Is your lifestyle suited to providing daily care, love and attention? Upfront costs and ongoing expenses, like food and vet bills, also need to be considered. Shelties make wonderful additions to a family. You are most welcome to meet and become acquainted with the breed before committing to a life long friend.

Expression of Interest

Send an email to Prissington Shelties as an ‘Expression of Interest’ a month or so before the next litter is due with details about your living situation and ability to care for a puppy.

Getting to know the Adopters

Please provide details of where you live (house or unit), rent or own, work commitments, family members, experience in caring for a dog, and any absolutes about male, female, and/or colour.

Confirmation of Interest

When the litter is born, those who applied will be notified and asked to confirm their interest in adopting a puppy.

Short List and Puppy Viewings

Responses will be shortlisted and invitations to a puppy viewing will be emailed. Preferences for your first, second and third preferred puppies will be noted, but not guaranteed at puppy viewings.

Reservation Process

Offers for particular puppies will be sent. Second round offers will be made if required. Confirmation of acceptance of an offer is by a deposit of $500. We get lots of interest, but most end up with there first preference so putting a deposit down helps reserve your selection.

Viewings for your future Puppy

Subsequent viewings for the prospective adoptees are by arrangement.

Take Home Process

Puppies are collected typically when they are 8 weeks old upon completion of payment.
When you come to take your puppy home, he or she will already be weaned. We will provide you with all necessary documentation and everything you need to know to care for your new addition to your family. Worming and vaccination will be up-to-date. You will receive a puppy care booklet, free pet insurance for a limited time, a treat bag, some puppy food and milk to tide you over until you and your puppy are settled.

No Litters right now

Sorry, there are no available Shetland Sheepdog litters right now.

Keen for a Sheltie puppy?

You can get in contact with us to find out our plans for the next litter.

Find out when!

My Dams

We started out with our family pet, Maki, with the intention of breeding with him to share the Sheltland Sheepdog breed with more loving families.



Egeadah Rosie Mills out of Egeadah Seeing is Believing and Egeadah Hope to Please (related to GRAND CH. Brashelle Back Chat)

Loving Mother of several litters


Prissington Princess Pollyanna out of Champion Shelsian the Traveller and Egeadah Rosie Mills (related to GRAND CH. Shelsian Believe Itr Not)

Rising star as our new showdog and breeder


Prissington Princess Pollyanna is a competing show dog who has competed in the Baby Puppy and Minor Puppy classes. Her competing has been interrupted by the Covid-19 Pandemic but we are hoping she will be able to compete again in the near future. She has been awarded Opposite Minor Puppy in the Shetland Sheepdog Club of Queensland Open Show.

Current and Past Sires

I have used the following sires.


Champion Marsula Tuxedo Playboy out of Limbunya Orion (related to CH. Milesand Storn-in Norman) and Champion Tooralie Tickle My Family (IMP UK)


Champion Shelsian the Traveller out of Supreme Champion Nigma Cadfael and Shelsian Suthn Belle (related to CH. Coastal American Express)


Champion Shelsian Aussies Accent out of Champion Zesta Acceleration (IMP CAN) and Champion Shelsian Exquisite (related to SUP.CH. Nigma Cadfael)

Frequently Asked Questions

Whatever your question, I am sure we can help. If you have a question that isn't listed below, don't be shy to contact us.

  • Here's some tips how to get help training your puppy or dog.

    Group obedience classes are great for bonding with your new dog and for learning how to communicate with and train your dog. They’re especially recommended for young puppies, since they give pups a chance to get comfortable being around other canines and people – a key part of raising a safe, friendly dog.

    Dog training is unregulated, and pretty much anyone can call herself a dog trainer, so you’ll want to do a little research to make sure you’ve found the right class and teacher.

    Of course, the Shetland Sheep dog is extremely intelligent and learns in one or two practices. Training is easy to do yourself as long as you are consistent and provide positive feedback, for the behaviour you are targeting, either by using verbal praise and/or treats.

  • What to look for and look out for when insuring your puppy or dog.

    As you are buying a puppy from an accredited breeder, Pet Insurance offers my new puppy owners 6 weeks’ free pet insurance. This will give you time to shop around for the plan that suits you. If you are in an area where the likelihood of ticks or snakes is high or there is a chance your dog might find a way out of your yard and thereby meet a car etc. I would recommend taking out pet insurance. A serious accident or injury can cost thousands to save your best friend. For me, I would rather have peace of mind and not have to decide life on one side and money on the other.

    Word of warning! Unlike human health insurance, pre-existing conditions are not covered if you change providers. Please find an acceptable one and stick with them. Sometimes you may think you dog has no previous illness but sometimes it can be traced back to an episode earlier in your pet’s life. Previous buyers have had big vet bills when they have not continued with pet insurance even for something as simple as your puppy chews a stone and breaks a tooth or gets his tail caught in a children’s bike. Please be prepared.

    I recommend you choose between, Pet Insurance Australia, Guidedogs, Woolworths, RSPCA or RACQ.

  • Keeping your little one safe - Snake Deterrents

    We live in a snake area as we back onto a creek with lots of bushland behind us. Our dogs had two near fatal snake encounters years ago and since then we have put in some protection and had no incidents since. In the warm months snakes are on the move in the hot part of the day so we don’t let the dogs outside between the hours of 9 a.m. and 3 p.m. Also, we installed four snake pulse repeller’s (a standard house block may only need two) from, a Tasmanian company. The apparatus is solar powered and emits an audible sound and vibration into the soil. This scares them off. A twin pack is $99.

    Battery alternatives are available from Brookfield Produce or

  • How to prepare your house for your puppy or dog.

    This requires a little more work if you’re getting a puppy, since they can be champion chewers and have a knack for getting into things they shouldn’t. But no matter what your dog’s age, you’ll want to do some organizing ahead of time.

    Create a temporary, gated-off living space for your dog or pup, where she can’t damage your belongings or eat something that will make her sick. She’ll stay in this area whenever you’re not with her to prevent her from having house training accidents. Use the play pen for this.

  • Tiled Areas? A word of warning for puppies!

    Tiled areas should be off-limits to puppies under 6 months’ old since they are slippery and difficult for your puppy to stop quickly. This can result in an injury such as a leg dislocation.

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  • Address: Kenmore Hills 4069, QLD AU. (address on request)
  • Mobile Phone: 0408 987 140
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